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Applicants this is a Ball, that will recognize the next Queen & Royal Court.
We welcome all reigning Queens from global pageants to contend for our crown. 
Open to anyone you do not have to currently hold a crown or in a pageant.
Guest ticket is your meal and grab bag for $109. 

Queen Registration

Download the Queen's application. $325. you receive your marketing and promotions, award & dinner.

Winners will have a fantastic array of gifts and opportunities. After Feb.1st entry will be $350.00

- Applicants must completely fill out the application & waiver.

- Submit by filling out form and email to or fax 615-345-4192 by clicking the following link online entry application. 

The Queen and Royal Court will look at candidates chosen gown, poise, personality, introduction, volunteerism, event support on a 10pt system with a maximum 50pts to win the Queen & Royal Court "Princesses". An online edition require a video entry.

- Applicants must include Photograph photo with the submission of their application & photo waiver/Confidentiality.
- Your photo should be of good resolution and clarity. It must be attached to your e-mail as either JPEG, or PNG file. Photo can win a photogenic award. Age 18 up will be accepted.

- Applicants must also pay the $325. early entry fee with a submitted application, waiver & photo by the deadline in order to be considered. March the fee will be $350.00

If you have an emergency we will accept 1/2 payment with balance 30day before event.

-You are welcome to email or fax the number 615-345-4192.

Save your receipt for registration due to technology errors.

Venmo @LaVerne-Adekunle Zelle


Participants age 18+ can apply from any country and submit with video greeting and custom award package if not USA located.

 A participant who has been a State Titleholder may enter again. All fees are non-refundable and expected to be paid in full before personal marketing campaign.

The participant who wins the title will represent by promoting us sharing photos of attended promoted events. Miss/Ms. EPA Beauty aka "Extraordinary Beauty" short for Extraordinary People Awards.

The decision of the Queen & Her Royal Court is final. In the event that a Titleholder is disqualified or chooses to relinquish her title, the First Runner-Up will be declared the Titleholder. Your application confirms your agreement.

Can' attend, Video Entry is $200.00

Winners of the Crown wins an array of gifts: Tiara, sash, trophies. In addition, your own Charity Ball, couture gown, Amazon magazine spread, tv/radio interviews to millions, $5,000 value in 90-day promo blitz and 1 year graphical advertising on laExpose different platforms.

Royal Court are the Princesses who will also receive tiara, sash, trophies, one year advertising and gifts.

Note: There are no refunds! We do heavy marketing and graphic designs to brand each person prior to the event. In addition, 2-page magazine advertisement, per person in the fall issue.

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Early Bird till February 1st
Queen Entry $325.
Guest Ticket $105.
 Video Entry $200.